Service for Sunday 24th January

Dear friends,

Sadly, it is necessary to have another period of lockdown. Let’s hope and pray that it will not last very long but, for the time-being (and there will be a review in two weeks time), we will not be able to gather for worship in church. 

I have recorded two Bible readings, my sermon and some prayers to form a short service which I have uploaded to Forest Parish Church Facebook page. Even if you don’t use Facebook you should be able to watch the service (if you would like to!) by clicking on this link:

I do hope you are all well and not too devastated by the new lockdown. Although I cannot make any visits, I am very happy to have a chat on the phone (tel. 01481 238815) or respond to emails if you would like to get in touch. If there is any person or situation that you would like prayer for, please let me know.

With every blessing,

Claire Claxton

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